Tuesday, August 31, 2010

War Sadhu (Elephant)

War Elephant is now War Sadhu
I finally finished (for the most part) this guy. I think I'm gonna try and re-do the muscular system glow on his body as henna or more tattoo-looking. It looks different from the previous work-in-progress and the original silkscreen project.

Alternate finished version

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Igorot Etching, Level 3

I really like how the girl came out

Level 3 has the hatching on it to show more lighting and shadow compared to the previous level. The hatching came out light because the acid I put the plate in was a little weak.

The guy's tattoos are cool too

Friday, August 20, 2010

Watercolor Fishie

This is both watercolor, digital, and asketch layers combined

Trying out some watercolors, which I haven't done since highschool (Class of '02... eek). I was trying to remember the techniques, but couldn't really and basically just winged it.

2 separate paintings, overlayed with each other and the lineart made the "finished" fish

The purpose is to really just grab the textures and later utilize them in digital coloring on Photoshop.

This one only has the watercolor layers combined and the other is the photoshop layer

I inked the sketch on tracing paper, but at the end the sketch matched better with the watercolors.

The sketch and the ink drawing (practicing the brush pen)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Lantern Guy (the non-digital part)

Lantern Guy , inks and watercolors
This is the "traditional" part of my current digital coloring project. I scanned the various stages of the drawing and will layer them together in the computer later, while altering the line art color, etc.

It started with a quick ink thumbnail, then a sketch on watercolor paper

The sketch is then inked, scanned, then inked the shades again

After I inked this, I realized that the brush pen I used (Staedler Mars Graphic 3000) was not waterproof. So, I decided to experiment on it and create some slight washes by running water through it. Then, I watercolored the *back* using a lightbox.

The ink wash stage and the watercolor stage in separate layers

The purpose for this is to create *textures* that I will later utilize to color in Photoshop... It will make a lot more sense once I actually do it. But here's a little preview:

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Igorot Etching, Level 2

The greatest thing about Etching is that you can work on Levels. On this one, I added the tattoos on the body and details on wrap.

I'll post the next level soon. I'm really having one with how these are coming out and seeing how it comes out from the first level to the next.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

More ClyCards...

 I really liked how this came out and used it as a blog header

If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, you can search for the ClyCards app and download a free version to test it out. Teddy Hose and Paul Clark also did a few of these cards.

Another card used as an old blog header

A few more mnemonic pieces (this is what they actually look like but without the watermark)...

 INCITE (v) stir up/ provoke: "He stirred trouble *inside* the school."

 BIGOT (n) racist: "*Bigfoot* is a racist."

There's also more from my previous post.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Igorot Etching, Level 1

I printed a few, since after I do the rest of the "levels" there is no turning back...

It's really nice to see the progression from the actual Igorot drawing and the rest of the "levels". Off to do Level 2...

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Girl + Poodle + City

The final prints of Fashion Try-out. I only did one of the 3.

 The final look on white paper

It started out as a digital file, figuring out which color goes where and which color blended with another color to make another color. Yeah, it was confusing but I eventually found my color guide.

 The digital color guide

Some of the prints actually looked really good when it was missing one of the color screens.

One print has less color screens than the other 

I printed them on several colored paper to see which would look the best.  

 Some color combination looked better than others

 New colors also came up when the silkscreen paint printed on the color paper 

 Ultimately, prints on the lighter papers looked the best

This is what they look like in the process of getting to the final looks.

Once finished printing, you get a whole lot mess of test prints that did and did not work

On this picture, you can see what each screen "levels" looked like