Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Girl + Poodle + City

The final prints of Fashion Try-out. I only did one of the 3.

 The final look on white paper

It started out as a digital file, figuring out which color goes where and which color blended with another color to make another color. Yeah, it was confusing but I eventually found my color guide.

 The digital color guide

Some of the prints actually looked really good when it was missing one of the color screens.

One print has less color screens than the other 

I printed them on several colored paper to see which would look the best.  

 Some color combination looked better than others

 New colors also came up when the silkscreen paint printed on the color paper 

 Ultimately, prints on the lighter papers looked the best

This is what they look like in the process of getting to the final looks.

Once finished printing, you get a whole lot mess of test prints that did and did not work

On this picture, you can see what each screen "levels" looked like


Recs said...

Nice man! Love the colors.