Monday, August 16, 2010

Lantern Guy (the non-digital part)

Lantern Guy , inks and watercolors
This is the "traditional" part of my current digital coloring project. I scanned the various stages of the drawing and will layer them together in the computer later, while altering the line art color, etc.

It started with a quick ink thumbnail, then a sketch on watercolor paper

The sketch is then inked, scanned, then inked the shades again

After I inked this, I realized that the brush pen I used (Staedler Mars Graphic 3000) was not waterproof. So, I decided to experiment on it and create some slight washes by running water through it. Then, I watercolored the *back* using a lightbox.

The ink wash stage and the watercolor stage in separate layers

The purpose for this is to create *textures* that I will later utilize to color in Photoshop... It will make a lot more sense once I actually do it. But here's a little preview: