Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fun with Gouache, Watercolors, and Markers (?!)

with Watercolor Pencils and watered down brown ink

I've been practicing with gouache and watercolors.

Markers. The NOT water proof kind.

They're a very cool medium, but still need practice on them!

Birds are the easiest to experiment cuz they're so colorful.

I was seeing how it worked with Pen and Ink. Watercolor pencils. Even markers.

     Also, testing out the different styles I can do with it. Like having no outlines... although the gouache was not opaque enough I think.

Collection of practice strokes
I definitely like it with Pen and Ink.

Even the "sketch" page was cool

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Lemmings Project...

Done in Photoshop

   I have a really bad habit of constantly starting projects without finishing the previous... yikes. Well, here's another! Lemmings! A future silkscreen project... I think.

Done in Gouache... Trying it out

Based on, well... Lemmings. Still trying to figure out what colors to use and what medium to do it in.

Done with ink an aqua brush

I tested it out with photoshop, gouache, ink, and just plain 'ol sketching.

Sketch. Sketch. Sketch.