Saturday, July 24, 2010

Igorot (Filipino Tribal)

I started a new Etching project depicting indigenous Filipinos. I used old photos of Igorots for reference.

I was pretty pleased of how this came out. I made the heads bigger on the etching

When I sketched these out, I fully intended on inking right on top of them. But I really liked how the sketch came out, so I inked over a tracing paper.

I liked how intense his eyes came out

 I really liked how the tattoos serve as great details to the piece. I'll post the plates and Etching prints soon. I started the male and the prints came out great.

I ended up altering the face a bit on the etching plate as the eyes/ nose got wonky

This is kind of a departure of what I usually do, which is pretty cool. I also feel like I'm getting the hang of using a brush pen.

I made the jewelry and tattoes different color as a guide for myself


T-time said...

Nice work, I like the ink/pencil contrast for the tats. Way to explore your roots.