Saturday, July 31, 2010

Keggus the Silkscreen Prints

Inspired by vintage Gladiator movie and Pulp posters

Finally got around to take a pictures of these prints of my second silkscreen project. It's about 16x20 and has about 9 screens. Being only the second time I'm doing this, I didn't realize you can overlay the colors to make more colors. I made a screen PER color, which was insane.

The print before adding the text

There were a few mishaps along the way, but it's simply part of the learning curve. Mis-registration of the screens is the most common mistake.

On some, mis-registration works for it because "that's silkscreen"

This one looked kinda nice, too, and makes it a unique print

Another "unique print" with a slight mis-registration

Another mishap, is the level of transparency you put on the color

On some, mis-registration just messes up the look you're going for

This one just didn't work out right