Sunday, April 11, 2010

(Oldie) Crazee Monsters

An unfinished animation I did when I interned at MTV during the first half of my thesis year. I never got the timing at the end quite right, but I still liked how it came out. They are put together with Adobe After Effects. I especially liked the multi-eyed monsta.

During the internship, I was asked to make a 10-15 sec animation but I didn't get the timing quite right.

Here are the character/ background designs for it. They are mostly done in Adobe Illustrator with the background shading done in Adobe Photoshop... This is before I learned about Flash.


Arlington said...

Hey those look Great! nice character animation and really neat designs.

Alden V said...

Hey thanks, Arlington! I wished I finished it.

James Sugrue said...

What great designs! I love it! Thanks for stopping by my blog, Alden!

Arlington said...

Still looks pretty good man. You have been busy.