Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Hell Hath No Fury...

This was my first silkscreening project. A basic 3-color print.

   These are the digital illustration that served as my "color guide".

The way it works is that for every color of the picture you have to make a "screen" for it. You can overlap the colors to make new ones, but for this one it was a basic 3 color: light, medium, and dark magenta. But, unfortunately once you get into the printing, it's hard to perfectly match the colors of the silkscreen paint to the digital guide. 

This is a photo of the actual print.

After a series of emulsion coating, dark room drying, light shooting, actual printing, and screen washing (there's a LOT of steps), this is the final product. Once I printed, the light and medium magenta ended up becoming orange. The darkest ended up being dark brown that looks black. But either way, it looks great and not bad for a first attempt.

The drawing, done in photoshop, was supposed to be another attempt to digital paint a portrait. This time of supermodel, Caroline Trentini. But I never got around to finish it and simply prepped the sketch for the silkscreen.

I'll probably end up selling the prints in the future. once I figure out how to do that . The next 2 projects were a whole lot more ambitious, but was still a trial-and-error kind of deal for this first timer.


Goobeetsablog said...

it came out great

Elliott said...

wow... it's been 3 years? hot damn. nice to finally see you posting again, great work! keep em' coming.

Alden V said...

Thanks, guys!