Monday, April 16, 2007

Back again... What?!

Wow, almost three months of no blogging. (EDIT: first image is updated)

My job and internship takes up most of my time and energy, so I can't really put these out consistenly. But, I've been working on my "pet project" on and off. Mostly drawing nude figures of different body types, writing character profiles, premise, etc. Here's a "small" glimpse.

The scans are kinda crappy after I cropped them together. But, they'd look cool once inked and colored. I'm still trying to figure out of what coloring style I should do them in. I've done the sloppy painting, vector coloring, illustrator+photoshop, markers, etc... SO, I dunno how I'm gonna do these.



Keelmy said...

Great stuff. I'd love to see you draw a fat couple just for kicks.

Talar said...

Hey Alden, welcome back, I missed you!