Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Quickies, Paint & Ink...

I haven't been really drawing since I finished my thesis... which was about 2 months ago... I've been sketching designs, but nothing finished... These two are my quick illustrations I did the other day:

I don't really know how to paint with acrylics. I haven't done so since HS. But this was just a little practice. I painted right on some sketches on my sketchbook. The end product was this little squid thing. I messed up with the line and bubbles. The other one is a quick marker sketch. It started as a face study... and then a body study... then I ended up using markers. The end product was a Shaolin Monk. If you look on the side of this piece closely, you'll see some of the design sketches... I dunno if anyone gets it.



Beth said...

these are fantastic!!

Lauren said...

Awesome-diculous my friend! Awesome-diculous with a capital DIC!