Thursday, October 19, 2006


Last night was the big Season Finale of Project Runway 3...

Uli Herzner is awesome. I was really hoping for her to win. I wasn't a big fan of hers in the beginning, but she grew on me. She's a great designer with an amazing eye for prints and colors. Very inspiring. She was consistent throught the show and most importantly, she got herself into the Final Four solely based on her talent. Some of the finalists, I felt, only made it as far as they did, cuz they supplied the show with soundbites and manufactured drama. She got robbed.

Jeffrey Sebelia won. I was actually rooting for him in the beginning when the cast was revealed. I like his Cosa Nostra work. I love deconstructed clothes (i.e. Jay McCarroll), but his work always looked poorly constructed. He was such a jerk; whining and bitching all the time, causing unnecessary drama... blegh. He was only nice when it's convenient. And the construction quality of his final collection was suspiciously inconsistent. But whatever, he got tons of airtime because of stupid shit, got the "Asshole"-spot in the finals, and won.

Laura Bennett was a one-note-- an AMAZING, Masterful, one-note. But a one-note nonetheless. She catered exclusively to her particular type of customer. She was a character, pregnant, drama maker, soundbite machine, and had a great story to tell. In reality tv land, that's gold... she had to be in the finals. To me, there were other versatile designers.

Michael Knight's great. Like Uli, he got himself in the finals based on TALENT. He was the fan favorite, but his collection was a dissappointment. Compared to other Hip Hop designers-- his work paled in comparison. Regardless, he's still awesome.

Back to Uli... I LOVED her 12-look SS07 collection. I decided to illustrate 5 of her print dresses from her final collection. I love how they flowed down the runway and the how the printed fabrics rippled. She chose the hottest models, too. The last piece was actually a bathing suit... but I drew with the dress still on. I wish Uli the best of luck in the future!!! Can't wait for Season 4!!!

I drew all of the artworks on paper, scanned them in, and painted them in photoshop. The prints were tricky to do. I ended up doing them in layers upon layers... overlaying them on top of each other. I hope you like them... they're my tribute to Uli.

EDIT: Thanks for the love, Blogging Project Runway !!!

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Talar said...

Great coloring Alden! they look awsome

Alycia said...

Wow, those fabrics turned out awesome Alden!

Micheal's collection was pretty disappointing, I thought he'd do better. I wasn't a big fan of Jeffery, but I do think his final collection was good.

Alden V said...

hey alycia!!! i wasn't inspired by jeffrey's collection... i lost him when he started acting up for the camera... me loves the uli.

Anonymous said...

Love your drawings!
You should do the same tribute to Laura & Jeffrey... Michael's collection is not worth it.

Anonymous said...

I saw your work on BPR site, and it prompted me to come here. I'm just a regular person (not an artist and not having a good eye), but I know amazing work when I see it. I have never commented on a blog before, but your work is fantastic. Keep it up!!! :)

Cutu said...

Wow, not only these have great figuredrawing, but the fashion sense on them is remarkable. On can seldom coment that on an illustrator!

Alden V said...

thanks, guys!!! i appreciate the kind words.

Ms. Place said...

Awesome, Alden. In the words of Tim Gunn, I am Verklempt!