Monday, October 09, 2006


My Wacom Tablet suddenly stopped working... it was working just a few minutes ago... and I have so much stuff I want to paint and learn on it... The damn light won't go on whenever I try to plug it in even with the installation CD.

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T-time said...

Happens all the time, usually they die off after a year or so. You gotta make sure you don't wiggle the end of the wire connected to the tablet too much, it wears easily over time. I taped mine down so it barely moves, no gaurantees though. You can froogle it and find one for around $70 online...or save up for a Toshiba laptop tablet ($1400). Isn't your birthday coming up (hint, hint)?

Alden V said...

continued rant:

although... i think its my computer... this has happened before. my scanner's not working with my computer, too. but it works when i connect it with another computer. same with the tablet. something about the drivers.

when i dormed in NYC, the wacom didn't work the entire time. or it works a few seconds after plugging it in the USB, and then it freezes. i had to keep re-plugging. after i moved back home, it was completely working and i've been painting for the last few weeks (see artworks).

when i tried reinstalling the cd (i wanted to adjust the sensitivity of the pen) it suddenly stopped working.

i'm so pissed. i have so much artwork i want to do, too... graaahhh!!!

this is not a good day.

alden got f*cked.

Lauren said...

awwww but he's so cute! He MUST be finished!!

Alden V said...

I was reinstalling the software so I can adjust the pen sensitivity. But when I did that, the whole thing just stopped working.