Tuesday, September 29, 2015

SPX, totes, and more silkscreen stuff!!

     I did SPX'15 a few weeks ago and it was awesome!! I was hesitant driving to Maryland for hours but the travel was worth it. It's the best show I've done so far. I got to meet some awesome new artists and made new connections. I missed APE'15 this month, but hope to do more shows!! The more shows I do, the more confident I get of traveling more and showcasing more.

     The Wizard Cat tote bag was so well-received that it sold out!! It was great because it was my first time screenprinting anything that's not on paper. My arms were tired after since the paint was much, much thicker. But I did make another batch that is now available online.

     I added superheroines to my Mini Print collection- Captain Marvel, Sailor Mars, Wonder Woman, and SUPER Sailor Moon... which are also available online now too.

I also silkscreened some Kamen RidersGaim and Ghost. Please check out my store for new stuff.

Also, it's my birthday today... lol.


jeson holder said...

bookmarked!!, I love your website!

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