Friday, April 11, 2014

A Chidren's Show

     I recently did a design test for a Children's show gear towards Indian youth. It was taking Indian Children's Rhyme and creating a world out of it. It was gonna be in the vein of Yo, Gabba Gabba and Mother Goose Club.

I, sadly, didn't get it but I had a blast doing the test.

However, it gave me some great addition to my portfolio.

 I've always loved Indian design aesthetics.

It was fun simplifying those in these characters.

 I actually did it twice. The first attempt was to "cartoon-y" for a live action show.

So, I altered the characters on the second attempt.

 They are more "Live-action" but still showed kid-friendly costumes.

I definitely did more than what I was asked... that's how much fun I was having with it!

     Hopefully, I'll get another opportunity to get to do it for real. Or I'll just make my own children's book with these characters.

What do you think?