Monday, June 10, 2013

Grand Comics Festival Aftermath

     This weekend was fun. Exhausting, but fun! Grand Comics Festival is created/ curated by Pat Dorian and hosted by Bird River Studios. Pat did a fantastic job setting this whole festival up, making exhibiting very affordable for the artists. Free Admission was also a great thing to have as it did not drive people away and took away from the artists (like Mocca....).

     It was a small fair but packed a LOT of extremely talented artists. I was very honored to be in the same room as them, being one of the few "emerging artists", in the sea of Meredith Grans (fellow SVA Class of '06 and creator of Octopus Pie), Andrea Tsurumis (MoCCA Fest winner!), CM Butzers (Rabid Rabbit and a cool mentor), Anuj Shrestha (Genus), Jess Ruliffsons (one of the nicest cartoonists I've ever met and is making comics about veterans) and so many more. It was extremely hard to restrain myself not to buy everything in sight! Lol.

   This is a first year show, so I didn't really know what to expect from it. The space was great. The weather was amazing. I knew that we weren't gonna get the Mocca Art Fest or Brooklyn Comic Fest crowd (which sadly ended, before I got the chance to visit!), but it still had a pretty good crowd. Sunday was a bit slower than Saturday, but it was the same as previous fests I've done. Hopefully there will be more Grand Comics Festival to come in the future!

Photo by Pat Dorian
    I once again tabled with my fellow Three Armed Squid (or 3AS), Alexandra Beguez and Estrella Vega. It's always great to hang out with them since we're all so busy with work and personal projects to see each other outside of art fests. Thank yous for everyone who picked up our anthology! We're very excited to be working on our third issue with some new and amazing contributors. Stay tuned!

Photo by Pat Dorian
     It's always hard to gauge which kind of merch people get on these festivals. I sold a bunch of zines, prints, and cards that nobody picked up on the last Festival. But I also had things that people bought on previous fests that were not picked up on this Fest. But regardless, I'm glad that people came by my table in general and liked my work enough to get something. Also, THANK YOU very much to everyone that came by and chatted with me about my work.  

     Lastly, I sat next to Chandler Moses (representing Hic & Hoc) who did a portrait sketch of me on the slow minutes of the fest! Lol.