Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Mocca Fest Re-Cap

Estrella's Ikea Blue really tractor-beamed everyone to our table!
  The festival came and went, but I had a blast! Thank you to everyone that visited our table and checked out our stuff. And even more thanks to those who bought my zines and/ or prints.

We re-laid out our table on Day 2, so it was easier for people to flip through the prints. Now, I'm working on planning out my project goals for next year! More zines and silkscreen books!

 Shout out to my awesome table-mates, Alexandra Beguez (who sells her stuff online-- I gotta do that!) and Estrella Vega (our own festival guru)! Also, Kim Ku, who had her own table next to ours. Make sure to visit their sites and our collective, the 3-Armed Squid.