Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Luk Zephyr Vs the Basilisk Horde (print!)

1- Blue Green
So, here is the printing process. 10 separations!
2- Dark Blue Green
3- Magenta
 Magenta when overlapped with the Blue Green made the purple gloves and trunks.
4- Gold
5- Yellow
Yellow overlapped with the Blue Green made the green tongue and on the Dark Blue Green made the dark green mouth. It also made the orange when it overlapped the magenta.

These next photos were taken by my camera phone, which is not that great...
6- White
 White made lighter versions of all the colors printed so far. It also left a veiny tongue on the monsters!
7- Blue (super transparent)
 This separation made the shading.

8- Dark Blue
 Dark Blue lineart on the monsters and background.
9- Brown
 Brown lineart on the characters and the background.
on Canson Edition, Vanilla paper
The last layer is the very light pink which made the transparent dress on the female character and drool on the monsters.

on Canson Edition, Wheat paper