Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Flower Girl

Jpeg of the Digital guide
  Another new print! I'm cranking these out the last few days. This was a revamp of an old ink drawing that I did in an Inking class.

This print is for sale for $5 and measures 16x12.5
 "Flower Girl" is a 5-color silkscreen print (blue, pink, white, black, and silver transparency) on craft paper. The paper was a bit crinkled and the paint made some of the layers a bit shiny. But, regardless, I'm really happy how it came out!

What it looked like on the Laptop monitor
 It started out in Photoshop. I use a Cintiq connected to my laptop. It's a bit screwey sometimes, since the 2 monitors show different colors. My laptop always show the duller colors.

What it looked like on the Cintiq, preparing the screens
 After creating a digital guide (each color is set on separate layers), each layer is turned black and white. I, then, print them on tracing vellum to become my separations.

5 separations printed on tracing vellum