Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tug of War, Accordian Book

 I did 3 variations blue/ yellow, yellow/ blue, and "bootleg" white-- ha!

     I finally finished my first Silkcreen Accordian Book. I tried to make it easy for myself, since the end product would have a panaromic feel to it. So, I decided to do a Tug of War.

I printed in Vanilla, Cream, Wheat, and White paper to see the difference.

     I used 6 screens/ colors- orange, blue, yellow, pink, and dark red for the outline. I did them with transparency, so that where the colors overlapped- they created green, darker green, purple, and brown. It's always great to do that. You get more colors and save yourself time!

     I did run into a few problems, mostly with registration. You can on some of these images, where the colors didn't perfectly meet. Where the orange, yellow, blue, and pink overlapped- was supposed to be brown (the hair and the rope).

     I designed it so that the 2 teams had "team colors". The first team had dark green and green. The other had blue and purple. This was inspired by retro swimsuits.

     I also got rid of the outside outlines and only left the ones inside or where the colors met. I thought that was a nice touch.

     At the end of the book, also had the female audience. I made them pink and purple, so they sank a bit on the background.

     I continued them on the back of the accordian book. It was kind of an after-thought, but I thought it added to the look of the book.

    These are the "guides" I did in Photoshop to kind of test how the colors would overlap or look. Which of course, didn't exactly translate into silkscreen since the silkscreen paint have a different tone.

     These were the inks before I removed the outlines.

     I hope you like it!


seaofleaves said...

impressive! take em to desert island or somewhere :)

seaofleaves said...

ah, this is Kim. I have a ghetto blogspot account.