Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Girls in Dress... Painted-ish

This part was totally unplanned...

After finishing what came out to be the previous post (2 girls in dress), I exported the file into Photoshop. Then, I selected one color of the image at a time and painted it using one of the brushes. I also used the burn + dodge tool to enhance the colors. And it came out like what you see there. It's pretty cool, I think. I always wondered how to create that flat-textured-painted look, and I ended up actually achieving it here. Well, kinda.

EDIT: Here's the close-up view of the ladies.

Hope you like it. I had fun making this.




hey dude....thanks for the comments on my blog! you have some great stuff here! keep it coming!

Chris Gardner said...

Alden, thanks for stopping by my blog, I appreciate the kind words. I'm a pen and ink junkie, give me a brush and a bottle of ink and I'm good to go. Nice blog you have, I love fashion illustration, not enough going around anymore, keep up the good fight! The Filipiniana sketch you did is great, real nice. I'll be back around to see what's going on.

Mega said...

thanks for the kind words alden! got some real fun stuff going on, hope to see more!

MR.C said...

great textures and definicion lines!

Kevin Dalton said...

always nice work man,

my brother went to FIT for mens fasion
you seem to do alot of fashion design, you ever create any of your designs in real life?

whenever u get a site hit me up so we can exchange links.

Kristian Antonelli said...

alden, you have definately acheived the brush look. i was convinced it was 'real brush' until i scrolledd down. I love your style of drawing. Great theme too.

Anonymous said...

cool man.

looks really good.
i like the colors

thanks for stopping by my blog

Jarrett said...

really cool stuff! your work stands out:)

FerdinandKreozot said...

very nice designs.
I had fun looking through it all.

Cheers to you,


Alden V said...

thanks, guys!!!

this artwork can also be seen here ...xoxo

Lauren said...

unplanned but not unwelcome! lovin the illustrator/PS double whammy technique! Sweet stuff