Friday, April 29, 2011

Guy + Girl + City

A/P (Artist Proof) on White Vellum, go for cheaper- $15

     I finally finished that print I was working on a few weeks ago. It came out really nice, but due to some registration and transparency problems- I only have an Edition of 10 (6 of which doesn't have the last screen yet).

On Cream, Canson Edition Paper

     Regardless, I loved how it came out. They are printed on very nice Canson Edition Printmaking paper- Wheat and Cream (my favorite!). I'm selling them for $20.

On Wheat, Canson Edition Paper

     I also updated the Printmaking page of my blog, so check it out! If you guys are interested in purchasing a print, just e-mail me at aldenviguilla(a)!

I didn't realize I made the blue too dark, since it was the first color I printed

     This was actually the digital guide to the separations. Unfortunately, the silkscreen paints aren't true to the Photoshop/ Monitor colors, so they always come out different.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New Silkscreen Print!!!

I had my reservations at first, but really liked how it came out with the outlines

Since I'm having problems with the Zephyr book, I decided to start a silkscreen print. It only took a few hours to finish because I had the colors pretty much separated from a previous digital coloring attempt.

It's great to see how the colors turn out once printed, since it's always a little different that what I originally intended.

There's one layer left to do, a gradient, but here's a preview!

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Zephyr 1, Book In-Progress

My first silkscreen book is in progress! Here are the sketches. Coming Soon!